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What are we after?

We're after exceptional people who want to be involved in creating an amazing subscription-based business that can expand beyond the UK. Individuals who are top of their fields, are willing to take risks, and want to make a real difference.

Kopi has received initial angel funding and is looking to build out the core team over the next few months. That means big early rewards for people who take the plunge now.

You can see the roles we're after on the right hand side which we update often. If you don't see something there that matches your skills, drop us a line anyway - you never know!

What next?

Send us an email to and surprise us; grab our attention with something unique.

note: recruiters are not welcome - seriously...


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    Ruby on Rails Dev
    Back-End coder
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    CSS / Javascript
    Front-End coder
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    Marketing Guru
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    We'll pay a bit