Why Kopi Coffee?

Nothing but the finest beans
from the best growers

Every month we find one of the world's finest speciality grade coffees, freshly roast it and deliver it direct to our members in slimline packets that fit through their letterboxes

single-origin coffee beans
best coffee crops

Discover rare coffees
selected by experts

The coffee selection available in supermarkets is limited, mass-produced and very often stale by the time it gets onto the shelf. We only deliver the best coffee from the best crops from the best farms.

Altitude grown, harvested by hand

Just like the grapes for fine wine, our coffees aren't harvested by machines that are indiscriminate when it comes to picking the ripe cherries. Our coffees are harvested and sorted by hand, then freshly roasted here in the UK.

ripe coffee berries
freshly brewed coffee

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