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Coffee Gift Subscription - Explorer Club

The perfect coffee gift for coffee lovers and food explorers and all sorts of discerning and difficult-to-buy-for people!

gift package Sample_gift_certificate

3 months

£ 24 .00

UK addresses only

12 months

£ 85 .00

UK addresses only

Discover the benefits of the Coffee Gift Explorer Club

  • A different outstanding coffee from around the world each month
  • Rare, premium whole beans or pre-ground coffee selected by experts
  • Roasted to order so you'll enjoy coffee at its freshest
  • An out-of-the-ordinary gift that is sure to be remembered - every month!
  • 100% Happiness Guarantee - we'll refund or replace it if they're not delighted
  • A fascinating, gorgeous Tasting Booklet with every coffee
  • Your recipient chooses when to start their plan
  • Smart Gift Certificate to give (PDF) See a sample certificate

How does the coffee gift purchase work?

  • Choose the gift subscription and write your personalised message
  • You will receive a unique code and a PDF gift certificate to give
  • They decide when to start their plan - by visiting our website and entering their unique code

“There’s always someone in every family who it’s impossible to buy for. This solves that problem.”

“A present that lasts beyond the day itself… every month they get a little something from me.”

“A useful and unusual gift. A rarity.”

Free delivery to your door

  • Box size fits through your letter box
  • Email notifying gift recipient of dispatch each month

250g bag of coffee

  • A different single-origin coffee each month
  • Beans or Ground
  • Foil wrapped for freshness
  • Resealable for convenience

What else is in the box?

  • Lovely tasting booklet
  • Suggestions for serving
  • Notes on taste and roast

FAQs: Kopi Gourmet Coffee Gift Experience

A Kopi gift subscription is a perfect unusual luxury treat for someone special, whether it's a birthday or a big event like Christmas. As such, we take extra special care to ensure they get an amazing experience from us each and every time.

So what exactly will they get in their Kopi box each month?

Each month they will receive a slimline box which contains a different 250g bag (20-25 cups) of gourmet coffee chosen by our experts from around the world, a gorgeous booklet explaining the provenance of the coffee and tasting notes, and sometimes a special extra treat that we put in from time to time.

When will the recipient get their gift and how do they redeem it?

At the end of your purchase you will receive a unique gift code that you can pass on to the recipient directly or as part of a personalised gift certificate. They can then use this code to redeem their Kopi coffee at any time (within the expiry date) - giving them the freedom to set up their preferred delivery terms.

Our Kopi boxes arrive around the 14th of the month and our cut-off date is the 10th, so any orders after that date will arrive on the 14th of the following month.

If I order now, I'm not sure the box is going to arrive to the recipient in time. Is there something I can give them to show I've purchased it while they wait?

With each gift purchase you can enter a unique message that we use to create a personalised digital gift certificate for you. You can print this out and hand it to them or email it directly.

You won't send them any billing information, emails, or order confirmations will you?

No way! You will get all payment receipts, claim codes, and confirmations. The only way the gift recipient will know about the gift is if you tell them yourself.

Can I send gifts to international addresses?

Yes, it’s possible. Please write to us at hello@kopi.co.uk letting us know the delivery address and we can provide a quote for the extra postage and process from there.

Do you automatically renew the subscription at the end of the term?

No we don’t - in fact the gift shouldn't really be called a subscription as it's more a one off purchase. Towards the end of the term we will email the gift recipient to ask if they would like to continue. If not we simply close the account.

How long do they have to claim their gift?

3 months. At the end of which the code will expire and be non-refundable. It will be up to you as the purchaser to remind them.

I’m having problems redeeming my gift code. Any ideas?

9 times out of 10 this is resolved by ensuring you are using capital letters, and that ‘I’s, ‘L’s, ‘1’s and ‘0’s ‘O’s aren’t mixed up. If this still doesn’t work contact us at hello@kopi.co.uk and we’ll get it sorted for you.

Got any other questions not covered here?

Email us and we’ll get back to you within a few hours (although please give us a bit of leeway if it's outside of office hours)